PJ Our Way

PJ Our Way Events

July 16, 2017, 3:30 p.m.: Spokane Indians baseball game (with Congregation Emanu-El)

Aug. 27, 2017: Tour of SCRAPS animal shelter

September 2017: Pre-Rosh Hashanah apple picking trip to Greenbluff

Nov. 12, 2017: Global Day of Jewish Learning 

PJOW-poster-10.01.15-page-001PJ Our Way is an extension of the much-beloved PJ Library program for kids from 9 to 11 years old! Instead of having a predetermined book sent to them each month, PJOW kids can choose one of several monthly book options, so they can customize the program to their tastes!

In recognition of the developmental stage of kids 9-11, PJOW is a more interactive program than regular PJ Library. For example, kids can write reviews of the books they read and post them at PJOW’s website for their peers all over the country to see. In addition, SAJFS will be organizing a few PJOW events in 2016-2017, tailored to the program’s age group.

Like PJ Library, PJOW is free to families, and PJ Library alumni (children who have aged out of PJ’s 0-8 age range) are highly encouraged to enroll! There’s currently no limit to how many kids the Inland Northwest can include in this program, so we’re very excited to present it to the community!

Click here for more information about PJOW, and here to sign up!