SAJFS Winter 2021-22 Fundraising Drive

Virtual Benefit Event 2021 is over, but our fundraising drive continues! HUGE THANKS to everyone who has already contributed. Haven’t given yet? Donate today to help us continue serving people in need in our area through our food bank, rent and utility assistance, and many other crucial services!

Missed the event but still want to see it? You’re in luck:

More than 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Spokane Area Jewish Family Services continues to serve a diverse clientele of seniors, low-income individuals and families, and people with disabilities. We have adapted our programs and services to adhere to public health guidelines while still making real differences in clients’ lives. And we do it all thanks to the generosity of community members like you.

Due to local case rates and the ongoing challenges presented by the Delta and Omicron variants, SAJFS made this year’s annual fundraising event virtual, as we did in 2020. It took place Nov. 29 with the theme “Embracing the Light,” which reflected both the event’s timing during Chanukah and the strong need for hope, in our community and the world at large, at a time when so many — and especially society’s most vulnerable members — still face hardship and struggle.

During the fundraiser, we honored Jeff Nichols and Dr. Mary Noble with the SAJFS Outstanding Service Award. Two exceptional musicians – Morgan Nilsen on clarinet and Joey Friedman on saxophone – performed Chanukah favorites, and Spokane Jewish community member Naama Krauz talked about celebrating Chanukah in places as disparate as Japan, Germany, and Hawaii and taught us how to make origami dreidels!

Our goal for this fall and winter’s ongoing fundraising campaign is $28,000. The suggested donation is $54, but contributions of any size will be appreciated and will help us meet our goal. Please use the button above or this link to donate. We truly appreciate your support! 

Gold Sponsors
Joel Huppin
Dr. Roslyn Schindler
“Mazel tov to Jeff Nichols and Dr. Mary Noble for being honored with the SAJFS Outstanding Service Award for their contributions to the community, and yasher koach to Neal Schindler for his leadership of SAJFS! May we all continue to embrace both light and hope for our communities — local, national, and global. Happy Chanukah!”
Scott Shapiro

Silver Sponsors
Roy and Judy Glickman
Murray and Leslie Huppin
Jeff and Julie Morris
“Mazel tov to Marti Martin for her outstanding leadership as president of the Spokane Area Jewish Family Services board.”
Jeff and Beth Nichols
Mick and Lynn Soss
“This year Lyn and I would like to honor Sue and Howard Glass with our donation. Last August when we both had serious medical problems, Sue came to our rescue. She was at our house every day for one week: organizing our medications, setting up a meal train, and support us through this difficult time. Then she got us admitted to Touchmark’s skilled nursing facility. During our two months there, Sue and Howard drove us to our medical appointments. We can’t ‘thank you’ enough for your time and caring support and love.”

Bronze Sponsors
Morton Alexander and Paige Kenney
Dr. Miriam Berkman and Greg Flibbert
Mark and Marsha Cranston
Ellen Fujioka
Rose Ann Hirakawa
“Thank you all for being such wonderful Jewish people.”
Norma Huppin
Congrats to both honorees. For many years Mary has been my trusted friend and doctor. I am especially grateful for her wise advice. צו לאנגע יארן

Vicki Markizon
Marti Martin and Dr. Dennis Twigg
Carla Peperzak
“In blessed memory of Paul Peperzak”
Dr. Brian and Stephanie Rubens
“In memory of Dick and Marvin Rubens, who made a huge impact in the community, in our lives, and in the lives of so many others. We miss you, we love you, and we think of you often in our hearts and in our memories.”
Annette Silver
in memory of Albert Moskovitz and Bertha Moskovitz Shahon
Mark and Sue Silver
“In honor of our wonderful mothers, Ilene Goldstein and Thelma Strenge. Thank you for showing us how to grow old gracefully.”
Drs. Steve and Pam Silverstein
Dr. Leland and Janine Siwek
Tom Stewart
Jeremy Press Taylor
TBS Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Dr. Curt and Nancy Wickre
“Dear Mary: Congratulations on this well-deserved honor!”
Art Zack and Dr. Nan Smith
“Mazel tov, Mary and Jeff! You are two amazing individuals who have given so much to our Jewish community over many, many years. You are both truly a mensch.”
Drs. Hershel Zellman and Mary Noble
“Happy Birthday to our friends Bill and Berdine Bender. Mazel tov on your bat mitzvah, Lenya Treewater.”

Additional supporters
Jack and Nancy Abel
Dr. Carl and Lynne Baum
Drs. Bill and Berdine Bender
in honor of Dr. Mary Noble
Steve Berde
Jeff Bergman
Don and Joan Berkowitz
Peggy Bir
In gratitude to Neal Schindler for his friendly visits to Barbara Pearl
Tom and Laurie Connolly
Steve Danzig
Doug and Leila Dompier
Joan Donen
in memory of Fred and Pearl Lofchie and Jerry Donen
Ruth Fealk
Chris and Dianna Eaton
Dr. Lawrence Edwards
Dr. Lauren Fins and David Potter
Dr. Floyd Geller and Mrs. Ethel Grossman-Geller
Drs. Bob and Meryl Gersh
“”We will be on a plane returning to Spokane at the time of the event but want to wish a hearty Mazel Tov to Mary Noble and Jeff Nichols as they are honored this evening.”
Dr. Brian and Lucy Gipstein
Dr. Michael and Kathy Golden
“Thank you for the love and support you give to our community.”
David and Sally-Jo Goldstein
Flora Goldstein
Alan Goodman and Tran Hang
Kent and SuCarolyn Green
Marilyn Gurtman-Oppenheimer
Judith Hamel
Dr. Joe Harari
Faith Hayflich and Charlie Boettcher
Geri Horwich
Drs. Jim and Linda Hunt
Jim and Lee Keller
Dr. Steve and Mrs. Sandy Kernerman
Dr. Ron and Faye Klein
in honor of Drs. Mary Noble and Hershel Zellman, Dr. Nan Smith and Art Zack,
Drs. Bill and Berdine Bender, Drs. Bob and Meryl Gersh, and Dr. Mike and Kathy Golden
George Knapp and Dr. Sandy Altshuler
“Mazel tov to both Jeff and Mary! Mary: We are so grateful to have you in our lives. Much love.”
Evert and Betty Kooy
Drs. Liat Kriegel and Michael DeLand
Bob Lavigne
Mike and Mary May
Stuart Mermel and Denette Hill
Robin Meyers
Anne-Marie Misko-Kennedy and Scott Kennedy
Lawrence Molton and Abra Elbinger
David Noble
Marty and Karen November
Paul and Helene Paroff
“In support of the programs and services provided by SAJFS
Doris Patriquin-King
Mark Pinch
“Thank you for the good work you do, Lucy!”
Patsy Pinch
Clint and Linda Rogel
Jerry Rosen
Dagmar Royer
Al and Suzanne Rubens
Lois Rubens
Muriel Rubens
Craig Saran and Joan Diskin Saran
Dr. Rob Sauders and Diana Koorkanian-Sauders
Martin and Renee Schneider
Dale Severance
in honor of Dr. Mary Noble
Dr. Pavel Shlossberg and Tina Li
Dr. John Shuster and Dawn Hirakawa Shuster
Fran Snavely
Mary Stamp
Marie Starkey
Adela Sussman
Tom and Betsy Swanson
Lloyd and Denise Tereno
Lenya Treewater and Matthew Arnold
Louis and Anne Vogel
Alan and Peggy Wasserman
Kathryn Weber
Jerry and Ronne Wegman
Linda Weinstein
in honor of Lenya Treewater’s bat mitzvah
Larry and Ellee Weiser
Susan Windham
Rachel Zack and Scott Eubanks

Help us reach our goal!

SAJFS Annual Benefit