SAJFS Annual Fund Drive 2023:
“L’dor V’dor: From Generation to Generation”

Our first Benefit Luncheon in four years took place Wednesday, May 31, 2023, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Hemmingson Center Ballroom on the campus of Gonzaga University. The guest speaker was Sen. Andy Billig, a longtime member of Spokane’s Jewish community who currently serves as Majority Leader in the Washington State Senate. He discussed the most recent legislative session, with a focus on instances of bipartisanship, and did a brief Q&A with our guests.

We presented longtime SAJFS volunteers Judy Silverstein and Fran Snavely with our Outstanding Service Award. We also honored Julie Morris, who served as vice president of SAJFS until her unexpected death in January, with a posthumous version of the award. We have renamed the award the Julie Morris Outstanding Service Award in her memory.

Benefit Luncheon 2023 is over, but we’ll upload a recording of the event in early June for anyone who wasn’t able to attend (or wants to watch it again!), and it’s definitely not too late to contribute to our annual fund drive. To do so, please use the button below:

Our goal for this year’s annual fund drive is $30,000. The suggested donation is $36, but contributions of any size will be appreciated and will help us meet our goal. Please use the button above or this link to donate. We truly appreciate your support! 

Help us reach our goal!

JFS Benefit Luncheon 2023



Jeff Morris
“In loving memory of my beloved wife, Julie”

Dr. Roslyn Schindler
“In honor of the 2023 honorees — Judy Silverstein, Fran Snavely, and Julie Morris (z”l) — and in honor of my beloved family: Neal, Liz, and Oliver Schindler. L’dor V’dor!”

Scott Shapiro
in memory of Gene Huppin


Faith Hayflich and Charlie Boettcher
in memory of Julie Morris and in honor of the SAJFS board

Gerry Huppin
“In memory of my husband, Gene Huppin, and my friend Julie Morris

Murray and Leslie Huppin
in memory of Julie Morris

Scott and Jen Morris
in memory of Julie Morris

Mark and Sue Silver
“What a perfect way to honor the legacy of our dear friend Julie. She showed us all the true meaning of tikkun olam.”

Mick and Lyn Soss
“Many thanks to the SAJFS board, staff, and volunteers who fulfill the SAJFS mission of service and assistance to the Spokane community. We also remember our dear friend Julie Brenner Morris for over 50 years of dedication to everything Jewish in Spokane and especially Hadassah, serving on the national board for many years. We love you, Julie.”

Chris and Vicki Wenkle
in memory of Sara Wenkle Kaplan


Karen Albert
“Thank you to Fran Snavely and Judy Silverstein for welcoming me so warmly to the TBS-CEE community.”

Dr. Carl and Lynne Baum

David Behar and Jenny Tupper
“With gratitude to SAJFS director Neal Schindler”

Drs. Bill and Berdine Bender
“Saluting Fran, Judy, and Julie”

Miriam Berkman, Ph.D., and Greg Flibbert

Lisa Brown

Ellen Fujioka

Drs. Bob and Meryl Gersh
“Much appreciation to Fran and Judy. And with wonderful memories of our dearest Julie.”

Roy and Judy Glickman

Norma Huppin
“Honoring my children Rochelle, Murray, and Leslie Huppin”

Rabbi Tamar Malino
“In honor of Fran Snavely and Judy Silverstein, in memory of Julie Morris, and in gratitude for all the incredible volunteers in the Spokane Jewish community!”

Marti Martin
“To my loving husband, Dennis Twigg. Always there for each other.”

Eric Morris and Tasha Gulack
in memory of Julie Morris

Mike Morris
“in memory of my mom, Julie Morris”

Carla Peperzak
“in honor of Sen. Andy Billig, with a great big Thank You for all he does for our Jewish community”

Clint and Linda Rogel

Joani Diskin Saran
“Renaming the award the Julie Morris Outstanding Service Award is a beautiful and meaningful way to honor this amazing person who gave so much to the world.”

Brian Schaeffer

Dale Severance
“In loving memory of Julie Morris, for all that she did for JFS, for the Spokane Jewish community, and for tikkun olam worldwide.”

Lynn Slade
“in memory of Julie Brenner Morris … She was an incredible person devoted to her family and friends, and also dedicated to healing the world as a Jewish woman who lived her values.”

NAME LISTING ($100-$249)

Jack and Nancy Abel
Steve Balberg
“In memory of Julie Morris and the great work she did in the Jewish community, and my sister Susan Balberg Robinson.”
Shelley Bensussen
in memory of Marion Rothstein and Julie Morris
Don and Joan Berkowitz
“Judy Silverstein has performed the services of at least three volunteers by the amount of time and energy she had provided to the Spokane Jewish community!!!”
Tom Connolly
“To Laurie, my soulmate.”
Joan Donen
“In memory of Bob Forkner, who recently passed away and was a special person in my life and the life of his family.”
Dr. Brian and Lucy Gipstein
Howard and Sue Glass
Kathy Golden
“Thank you, SAJFS, for all that you do for our community, and especially to the honored volunteers today.”
Dr. Michael Gurian
and Gail Reid-Gurian
Judy Hamel
Dr. Joe Harari
in memory of Julie Morris
The Kitchen Engine
Dr. Ron and Faye Klein
Robin Meyers
Shawki Najjar and Eva Slobodow-Najjar
Karen and Marty November
Yvonne Peperzak-Blake
Al and Suzanne Rubens
in honor of Marti Martin, for her years of service to SAJFS
Lois Rubens
“In memory of Julie Morris, and with thanks to all of the volunteers who are continuing what we seniors started years ago.”
Muriel Rubens
Dr. Ron and Margaret Shapiro
Judy Silverstein and Bruce Kaufman
Drs. Steve and Pam Silverstein
Jason and Jamie Smartt
Drs. Nan Smith and Art Zack
“Judy and Fran: You have given so much to our community and are so deserving of this award. Mazel tov!”
Fran Snavely
Jack and Ali Sorensen
Sheryl Stone
in memory of Jessica Stein and Julie Morris
Tom and Betsy Swanson
Cheryl and Joe Tradii
Louis and Anne Vogel
Washington Trust Bank
Larry and Ellee Weiser
Rosalyn Zakheim


Albert Alberg
Jeff Bergman
Gary and Peggy Bir
in memory of Barbara Pearl
Lei BlackBear
Leila Dompier
Ann Easterly
Ruby Farber
Katie Forsythe
Shirley Grossman
“Congratulations to Judy and Fran, so worthy, and to our Beloved Julie, always to be remembered in this loving way.”
Dr. Victoria Harris
“With respect to all for your service & inspiration.”
Diana Koorkanian-Sauders and Dr. Rob Sauders
Jennifer Krasner
Kelly Krasney
Drs. Liat Kriegel and Michael DeLand
Alan and Barbara Meyrowitz
Anne-Marie Misko-Kennedy
Robert and Sandra Morgan
Dave Noble
Drs. Mary Noble and Hershel Zellman
in honor of Judy Silverstein and Fran Snavely
Doris Patriquin-King
Jerry Rosen
Esta Rosevear
“Judy, You are amazing! So proud of all you do for this community. You are an inspiration to all.”
Jeff Saul
Phil Schlager
Adela Sussman
“I have been very fortunate to be the recipient of caring deeds by both Judy Silverstein and Fran Snavely. I can’t say enough about these generous, caring women for whom I am so very grateful!”
Lenya Treewater
Dr. Curt and Nancy Wickre
Rachel Zack and Scott Eubanks