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PJ Library and PJ Our Way Event Schedule

Special Event for PJ Our Way Families: The Crossing at Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival 2021!

PJ Our Way families are invited to experience this incredible film from Norway at a special rate of only $3 per household! The Crossing will be available to view on demand starting at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 7. The viewing window ends at 1:30 p.m. on March 10. All screenings include a special introduction from the film’s director, Johanne Helgeland!

The Crossing tells the story of the adventurous 10-year-old Gerda and her brother, Otto, whose parents are in the Norwegian resistance movement during World War II. One day, just before Christmas in 1942, Gerda and Otto’s parents are arrested, leaving the siblings on their own. Following the arrest, they discover two Jewish children, Sarah and Daniel, hidden in a secret cupboard in their basement at home. It is now up to Gerda and Otto to finish what their parents started: to help Sarah and Daniel flee from the Nazis across the border into neutral Sweden and reunite them with their parents. The Crossing is a film about the confidence, uncompromising loyalty, and great courage you can find in even the youngest of children.

To purchase a ticket for your household at the discounted PJOW rate, please visit the screening page for The Crossing and select “PJ Our Way Family Ticket.”

Questions? Contact SAJFS at 509-747-7394 or director@sajfs.org.

What is PJ Library?
PJ Library sends free, award-winning books that celebrate Jewish values and culture to families with children 6 months through 8 years old.

How do I sign up?
Signing up is free, easy, and takes less than 3 minutes. Join today!

Can older kids receive books?
Kids ages 9-12 can join PJ Our Way™ to choose their own free chapter books! Kids in both age groups? Sign up for both!

What is PJ Our Way?
PJ Our Way is an extension of the much-beloved PJ Library program for kids from 9 to 12 years old! Instead of having a predetermined book sent to them each month, PJOW kids can choose one of several monthly book options, so they can customize the program to their tastes!

Like PJ Library, PJOW is free to families, and PJ Library alumni (children who have aged out of PJ’s 0-8 age range) are highly encouraged to enroll! There’s currently no limit to how many kids the Inland Northwest can include in this program, so we’re very excited to present it to the community!

Click here for more information about PJOW!

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