PJ Library


PJ Library

PJ Library Event Schedule

July 16, 2017, 3:30 p.m.: Spokane Indians baseball game (with Congregation Emanu-El)

August 2017: Tour of SCRAPS animal shelter

September 2017: Pre-Rosh Hashanah apple picking trip to Greenbluff

Nov. 12, 2017: Global Day of Jewish Learning 

Want to register for free books and music? Check out www.pjlibrary.orgFor more information, call the SAJFS office at 509-747-7394, or e-mail director@sajfs.org.

PJ Library programs and subscriptions have been brought to you by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and Spokane Area Jewish Family Services, and in memory of Hannah and Robert Kohn and Lina Neu. 

A note about PJ Library subscriptions:

PJ Library is a program for families raising Jewish children. SAJFS appreciates the diverse nature of families’ commitment to Judaism. However, our funding is both limited and predicated on certain criteria. We are sorry, but we cannot afford to pay for books for everyone who feels connected to Judaism, including members of the Messianic Jewish community. To those families whom we cannot enroll, please remember that all of our books are available for purchase on Amazon. Thanks for your understanding.